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/bezhigw-/ initial

one, single
bezhigo vai s/he is alone, is one, is the only one
bezhigo- pv qnt one
bezhigozigwam qnt num one block of ice
bezhigoobi vai one sits, is at home
bezhigoogaabawi vai one (animate) stands; s/he stands alone
bezhigooge vai s/he lives alone
bezhigookan vti work on something alone
bezhigookaw vta work on h/ alone; fight h/ alone
bezhigoopide vii one (inanimate) is tied
bezhigoopidoon vti2 tie one of it
bezhigoopizh vta tie, hitch one (animate)
bezhigoopizo vai one (animate) is tied, is hitched
bezhigooshin vai s/he lies alone
bezhigwaginzo vai [BL] it is the first (of the month)
bezhigwan vii it is one; it is the only one; it is the same
bezhigwaabik na one dollar
bezhigwaabiig adv num one strand, one string
bezhigwaabiigin vta use one strand of it (animate), sew with it (a single thread)
bezhigwaabiiginan vti use one strand of it
bezhigwaatig qnt num one stick-like object
bezhigweg qnt num one piece of something sheet-like
bezhizhooniyaans na a dime; [BL] a quarter