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/bed-/ initial

slowly, slow, low intensity
bej , bez
bedakwazhiwe vai s/he paddles slowly
bedashkime vai s/he weaves snowshoe webbing slowly
bedawinzo vai s/he picks berries slowly
bedaadagaa vai s/he swims slow
bedaadage vai [BL] s/he swims slow
bedaada'e vai s/he skates slow
bedaanimad vii there is a light wind, a slow wind
bedose vai s/he walks slowly
bedowe vai s/he has a soft voice
bedoode vai s/he crawls slowly
bedwewejiwan vii the flow of the water has a low sound
bejibatoo vai s/he runs slowly
bejibide vii it runs (as a machine), operates, drives slowly
bejibizo vai s/he runs (as a machine) operates, drives slowly
bejidaabii'iwe vai s/he drives slow
bejigamide vii it is slow to boil
bejigaa vai it (animate) drips, leaks slowly; it (animate) runs slowly (as a tree, with sap)
bejigaa vii it drips, leaks slowly
bejigi vai s/he grows slowly
bejigin vii it grows slowly
bejijiwan vii it flows slowly
bejise vai s/he flies slow
bejishimo vai s/he dances slowly
bejitaa vai s/he goes slow doing something, works slow
bezikaa vai s/he moves slowly, runs late