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/baw-/ initial

knock, shake
bawa'am vai2 s/he knocks wild rice
bawa'an vti
  1. knock it (with something)
  2. harvest it [wild rice] (with rice knockers)
bawaagone' vta brush snow off h/ using something
bawaagone'an vti brush snow off it using something
bawaagonen vta brush snow off h/ (by hand)
bawaagonenan vti brush snow off it (by hand)
bawega' vta brush h/ (as something sheet-like)
bawega'an vti brush it using something (as something sheet-like)
bawegin vta shake h/ out (as something sheet-like)
baweginan vti shake it out (as something sheet-like)
bawin vta shake h/
bawinan vti shake it
bawishkam vai2 s/he threshes wild rice
bawishkan vti remove husk from wild rice by treading on it
bawiweba' vta knock h/ (using something forcefully)
bawiweba'an vti knock it (with something forcefully)