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/-bag-/ medial

aditebagaa vii there are coloured leaves
agaasibagad vii it is a small leaf
agaasibagaa vii there are leaf buds; there are small leaves
ashkibagaa vii there are green leaves
banaskobagaabaawe vii rain opens up the buds to new leaves or flowers
bengobagaa vii there are dry leaves
biiwibagaasin vii leaves are scattered by the wind
dasobagad vii it has so many leaves
dasobagizi vai it (animate) has so many leaves
gaaskibagaasin vii leaves rustle in the wind
gaaskibagishin vai s/he rustles leaves while walking or falling
gaaskibagitoo vai s/he rustles leaves
gaashibagad vii it is a pricky leaf
gigibagizi vai it (animate) has leaves
inigokobagad vii it has leaves of such a size
inigokobagaa vii there are leaves of such a size, leaves so big
inigokobagizi vai it (animate) has leaves of such a size
inwewebagaasin vii its leaves sound a certain way blowing in the wind
izhibagad vii it has such leaves, has leaves going a certain way
izhibagizi vai it (animate) has such leaves, has leaves going a certain way
madwebagaasin vii the leaves can be heard blowing in the wind
mamaangibagaa vii there are big leaves; it has big leaves
mamaangibagizi vai it (animate) has big leaves
mangibagad vii it is a big leaf
minwewebagaasin vii leaves sound nice blowing in the wind
miskobagad vii it has red leaves, is a red leaf
miskobagaa vii there are red leaves
miskobagizi vai s/he (a tree) has red leaves
miskwiiwibagaa vii there are bloody leaves
naawibag adv loc in the middle of a leaf
nibiiwibagaa vii there are wet leaves
ningobaga' vta cover h/ in leaves
ningobaga'an vti cover it in leaves
ozhaashibagaa vii there are slippery leaves
ozaawibagad vii it has brown or yellow leaves, is a brown or yellow leaf
ozaawibagaa vii there are brown or yellow leaves
ozaawibagizi vai it (animate: tree or plant) has brown or yellow leaves
zhaagawibagad vii it has oval leaves
zhaagawibagizi vai it (animate) has oval leaves
zaagibagaa vii the leaves come out; it buds
zaaskibagii vai s/he makes a rustling sound in the leaves