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/babiikw-/ initial

lumps, bumps
reduplication of: /bikw-/
babiikominagadoon vii they are round (like balls), are globular
babiikwadamon vii it is a bumpy road
babiikwadaawangaa vii there are sand dunes
babiikwadaawangaa'an vii there are sand dunes formed by waves
babiikwadaawangaasin vii there are sand dunes
babiikwadinaa vii there are hills here and there
babiikwakamigaa vii it is rolling ground, bumpy ground
babiikwasin na a boulder
babiikwashkiigaa vii it is a hummocky musekg
babiikwashkoozo vai it (a net) knots up
babiikwaanakwad vii it is a cumulus cloud
babiikwaanakwad vii there are cumulus clouds
babiikwaanikwe'o vai s/he combs h/ hair in a wave or waves