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babiikwaadigose vii

there are riffles (ruffles) in the flowing water

Riffles when a stream bed or rocks disrupt the flow in shallow water.

babiikwaadigose 0s ind; babiikwaadigoseg 0s conj; Stem: /babiikwaadigose-/

Naawi-baawitig babiikwaadigose. Ganabaj asiniig gaa-babiikwaadigwewaad. Ishkwaya'ii ani-inaaboonodaa.

There's a rough ruffles in the middle of the rapids. I guess there's rocks under them. Let's go down on the edge.

babiikwaadigose /babiikwaadigose-/: /babiikw-/
lumps, bumps
; /-aadigw-/
movement on surface of water: wave; wake; ripple; riffle, etc.
; /-se/
it flies, falls, happens quickly or spontaneously