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/baazhid-/ initial

over the top of
baazhij , baazhiz
baazhida' vta step over h/ or it (animate)
baazhida'an vti step over it
baazhida'wi vta [NI] step over h/ or it (animate)
baazhidaandawe vai s/he climbs over
baazhidinaw vta shoot over h/
baazhijibidoon vti2 pull it over something
baazhijibizh vta pull h/ over something
baazhijigwaashkwani vai s/he jumps over
baazhijijiwan vii it overflows
baazhijishkan vti go over it
baazhijishkaw vta go over h/
baazhijiweba' vta knock, hit h/, it (animate) over something
baazhijiweba'an vti knock, hit it over something
baazhijiwebin vta throw h/ over
baazhijiwebinan vti throw it over
baazhijiwebishkan vti shove, kick it over
baazhijiwebishkaw vta shove, kick h/, it (animate) over