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/-ate/ final

it is or is in an interior space, a room, a house
agaasate vii it is a small house or room
bangate vii it is quiet, peaceful inside
bishagiishkate vii it is dark indoors
bizhishigwate vii it (a room or house) is empty, is vacant
biinate vii it is a clean house or room
dakate vii it (a room or house) is cold
dibikate vii it is dark inside (a room or house)
gashkiidibikate vii it is a pitch-dark indoors
giizhoote vii it is warm inside
inate vii it is a certain way (of an building interior)
inigokwate vii it is a room or house of a certain size
mangate vii it is roomy
minwate vii it is a nice house, is a nice room; it (a dwelling) is in good order
mizhishawate vii it is a large and bare room
niiskate vii it is a messy household
waasete vii it is or gets bright inside
wiinate vai it is a dirty house or room