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/animikw-/ initial

facing away, facedown, upside down
animikogaabawi vai s/he stands facing away
animikon vta turn h/ face down, turn h/ facing away
animikonan vti turn it face down, turn it facing away
animikose vii it turns face down, flies face down
animikosidoon vti2 lay it face down
animikosin vii it lies face down
animikoshim vta lay h/ or it (animate) face down
animikoshin vai s/he or it (animate) lies face down
animikowebishkaw vta kick h/ so s/he goes upside down, facedown
animikwabi vai s/he sits facing away
animikwagoodoon vti2 hang it facing away or facedown
animikwagoozh vta hang h/ facing away or facedown
animikwii vai s/he turns h/ back