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/-anagekw-/ medial

tree bark
babigwanagekozi vai s/he (a tree) has bumpy bark
bibaganagekozi vai s/he (a tree) has thin bark
bishaganagekobidoon vti2 peel bark off it with the hands
biigwanagekozi vai
biitwanagekobidoon vti2 peel a layer of bark off it
gaashkanagekwa'wi vta scrape the bark from it (animate)
gidaganagekozi vai s/he (a tree) has spotted bark
gipaganagekozi vai s/he (a tree) has thick bark
giipanagekozi vai it (animate) has scaly bark
makadewanagekozi vai s/he (a tree) has dark or black bark
miskwanagekozi vai s/he (a tree) has red bark
ozaawanagekozi vai it (animate) has brown or yellow bark
waabanagekozi vai it (animate; tree) has light bark
waabanagekwad vii it has light bark
waabishkanagekozi vai it (animate); a tree) has white bark
zhooshkwanagekozi vai it (animate) has smooth bark