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/-akide/ final

it stands (as a structure, a plant, a tree), is set up
ajidakide vii it is stuck in upside down
bangakide vii it is a quiet house or lodge
dabasakide vii it stands low
ishpakide vii it stands high
mayaawakide vii it stands upright
minwakide vii it stands upright, stands well
mizhishawakide vii it stands, is set up out in the open
namadakide vii it stands upright
nawekide vii it stands bent over
niibidekidewan vii they stand, are planted side by side in a row
okwakidewan vii they stand in a cluster
waawiyekidewan vii they stand in a circle
zagwakidewan vii they (inanimate) stand or are set up tightly-spaced