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/agw-/ initial

stick, adhere, attach
agogwaadan vti sew it on
agogwaade vii it is sewn on something
agogwaaso vai s/he sews something on
agogwaazh vta sew h/ on
agogwaazo vai s/he is sewn on something
agon vta hold h/ up against
agonan vti hold it up against
agozideshkaw vta step on h/ foot or paw
agozigwaji vai s/he gets frozen to the ice
agwa' vta sew h/ on; fix h/ on
agwa'an vti sew it on; fix it on
agwaji vai s/he is frozen onto something
agwapide vii it is attached by being tied on
agwapidoon vti2 attach it by tying on
agwapizh vta attach h/ by tying on, tie it on
agwapizo vai s/he is attached by being tied on
agwazhe vai s/he is covered with blankets, covers up with blankets
agwaabikide vii it is scorched, burns to the pan
agwaabikiz vta burn h/ to the pan
agwaabikizan vti burn it to the pan
agwaabikizo vai s/he burns things to the pan
agwaakwadin vii it is frozen onto something
agwaakwa'an vti nail it up against the wall; post it up
agwaakwaji vai s/he is frozen onto something