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/-aganaam/ final

hit, strike h/
apagadaganaam vta knock h/ down or against something (by hitting with force)
aabiindaganaam vta pummel, bash h/
bagaskiingweganaam vta smack h/ on the face
bagoganaam vta punch a hole in h/ (by hitting)
bakaganaam vta hit and break it (animate; string-like)
banaganaam vta miss hitting h/
basaawiganeganaam vta
basindibeganaam vta slap h/ on the top of h/ head
basiingweganaam vta slap h/ on the face with force
baasaganaam vta crack, shatter h/, it (animate) (by hitting)
baasindibeganaam vta crack h/ head (by hitting)
baashkijiiganaam vta burst h/ stomach open by hitting, burst h/ (something bag-like) by hitting
bitaganaam vta accidentally hit h/
bitaakozideganaam vta accidentally hit h/ on the foot
biigoganaam vta damage, ruin, break h/ by hitting
bookoganaam vta break h/ in two (by hitting)
bookwaabideganaam vta break h/ tooth or teeth by hitting with force
gagwedaganaam vta box h/
gawaganaam vta knock h/ over, down (by hitting)
gibitaneganaam vta hit h/ and give h/ a nosebleed
giishkigweganaam vta strike off h/ head
giiwashkweganaam vta hit and stun h/, knock h/ senseless
inaganaam vta hit h/ in a certain way or place
mazhiiyaabideganaam vta punch h/ teeth out
mookoganaam vta make h/ cry by hitting
wiisagaganaam vta hurt h/ by hitting
zhaaboganaam vta punch through h/