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/-adaawang-/ medial

particle, sand
akwadaawangaa vii the beach goes so far, is so long; a stretch of sand goes so far, is so long
animadaawangose vai s/he walks away (in the other direction) on sand
babaamadaawangose vai s/he walks about on sand
babiikwadaawangaa vii there are sand dunes
babiikwadaawangaa'an vii there are sand dunes formed by waves
babiikwadaawangaasin vii there are sand dunes
baashkadaawangamon vii it is a dusty road
bikwadaawangaa vii it is sand dune or sand hill
bimadaawangose vai s/he walks along on sand
bimwewedaawangibatoo vai s/he is heard running along on sand
bimwewedaawangishin vai s/he is heard stepping along on sand
bimwewedaawangose vai s/he is heard walking along on sand
biidadaawangose vai s/he walks here on sand
biisadaawangad vii [BR] it (sand-like) is fine
biisadaawangizi vai s/he (sand-like) is fine
gichiwadaawangishin vai s/he, it (animate) is stuck in the sand
gijigadaawangaa'an vii there are ripples in the sand formed by waves
ginoodaawangaa vii it is a long stretch of sand beach
giishkadaawangaa vii it is a sand bank
giishkadaawangaa'an vii the waves make a sand bank
inadaawangose s/he walks to a certain place on sand
jekadaawangisin vii it lies partway up on the beach
jekadaawangiweba'an vti paddle it up on the beach, beach it
makadewadaawangaa vii there is black sand, a black beach
mashkawadaawangaa vii there is hard sand, packed sand
minisinadaawangaa vii there is an island of sand
minwadaawangaa vii it is nice and sandy
miskwadaawangaa vii there is red sand
nedaawangaa vii it is a sand spit, a sandy point
ningwadaawanga' vta cover h/ with sand (using something)
ningwadaawanga'an vti cover it with sand (using something)
ningwadaawangaasin vii it is covered with blowing sand
ningwadaawangaashi vai s/he is covered with blowing sand
ondadaawangose vai s/he walks from a certain place on sand
ozaawadaawangad vii it (sand-like, powder) is yellow, is brown
ozaawadaawangaa vii there is yellow, brown sand
ozaawadaawangizi vai it (animate) (sand-like, powder) is yellow, is brown
waabishkadaawangad vii it (sand-like, powder) is white
waabishkadaawangaa vii there is white sand
waabishkadaawangizi vai s/he (sand-like, powder) is white
waanadaawangaa vii there is a depression or dip in the sand
wiinadaawangaa vii there is dirty sand
zaagadaawangisin vii it lies sticking out of the sand or ashes