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/aasam-/ initial

aasamaabik adv loc on the rock cut, on the rock face
aasamaakwaa vii it is the facing side or end of the trees
aasamaate vii it is right in the sun
aasamaatig adv loc against a tree or log
aasamisag ni a wall
aasamisag by, against, or on the wall or boards
aasamisidoon vti2 lean or stand it against or facing something
aasamisin vii it lies against or facing something
aasamishim vta lean or stand h/ against or facing something
aasamishin vai s/he lies against or facing something
aasamoonag adv loc on the side of the canoe or boat
biidaasamabi vai s/he sits facing this way
biidaasamigaabawi vai s/he stands facing this way
biidaasamisidoon vti2 lay it facing this way
biidaasamishim vta lay h/ facing this way
biidaasamishin vai s/he lies down facing this way
biidaasamishkaa vai s/he paddles here; s/he comes in a boat
biidaasamose vai s/he walks here
inaasamabi vai s/he sits facing in a certain way
inaasamigaabawi vai s/he stands facing a certain way
inaasamisidoon vti2 put it facing a certain way
inaasamisin vii it lies facing a certain way
inaasamishim vta put h/ facing a certain way
inaasamishin vai s/he lies facing a certain way
inaasamii vai s/he faces a certain direction; s/he faces somehing in h/ future