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/aand-/ initial

aanj , aanz
aandabi vai s/he changes h/ seat
aandadowe vai s/he changes h/ coat (of fur)
aandagim vta count h/ over
aandagindan vti count it over
aandagoode vai she puts on another dress, changes her dress
aandagoodoon vti2 hang it someplace else; rehang it
aandagoozh vta hang h/ someplace else; rehang h/
aandakidoon vti2 stick it in a new place; transplant it
aandakizh vta stick h/ in a new place; transplant h/
aandakizine vai s/he puts on another pair of shoes, changes h/ shoes
aandakii vai s/he lives, moves somewhere else (in a different territory or country); s/he moves to the spirit world
aandanokii vai s/he changes jobs, gets a new job
aandapakwe vai s/he changes the wigwam cover or roof, puts a new roof on
aandapidoon vti2 retie it
aandapizh vta retie h/; rewrap h/
aandazhigane vai s/he puts on another pair of socks, changes h/ socks
aandaabide vai s/he gets h/ permanent teeth
aandaabikinan vti shift the gears on it
aandaadizooke vai s/he tells a legend over
aandaajimo vai s/he tells a story over
aandaakonan vti change the law on it; give it a new ruling
aandendam vai2 s/he changes h/ mind about something
aandikwewe vai s/he has a new girlfriend or female partner
aandin vta change the grip on h/; change the way h/ is handled
aandinan vti change the grip on it; change the way it is handled
aanji- pv lex change
aanjibabagiwayaane vai s/he puts on another shirt, changes h/ shirt
aanjibabiinzikawaagane vai s/he puts on another coat, changes h/ coat
aanjibii'an vti write it over, rewrite it
aanjibiitooshkigane vai s/he puts on another pair of underwear, changes h/ underwear
aanjidaabaadan vti drag, pull it to a new place
aanjidaabaade vii it is pulled, pushed, or dragged to a new place (on something)
aanjidaabaane vai s/he changes cars, trades in a car
aanjigaabawi vai s/he changes place while standing
aanjige vai s/he makes a different house
aanjigiboodiyegwaazone vai s/he puts on another pair of pants, changes h/ pants
aanjigondaagane vai h/ voice changes
aanjigozi vai s/he moves to another place to live
aanjigwane vai s/he [bird] moults
aanjigwaadan vti sew it over, alter it (by sewing)
aanjigwaade vii it is sewn over
aanjigwaashkwani vai s/he jumps again, hops
aanjigwaazh vta sew it (animate) over
aanjigwaazo vai it (animate) is sewn over
aanji' vta change h/, make h/ over
aanjinaagwad vii it changes appearance
aanjinikaadan vti change name of it
aanjinikaade vii its name is changed
aanjinikaazh vta change name of h/
aanjinikaazo vai h/ name is changed
aanjininiiwe vai s/he has a new boyfriend or male partner
aanjise vai s/he changes
aanjise vii it changes
aanjisidoon vti2 put it in another place; change it in writing
aanjisin vii it lies in new place; its wording is changed
aanjishim vta put h/ in another place; reset h/
aanjishin vai s/he lies or sleeps in new place
aanjitoon vti2 change it, make it over
aanjitwaa vai s/he changes h/ religion
aanjiwidoon vti2 carry, take it to a different place
aanjiwizh vta carry, take h/ to a different place
aanzanaamo vai s/he changes h/ breathing, sighs, changes pitch of h/ voice; s/he takes a deep breath
aanzikan vti change it (something on the foot or body)
aanzikaw vta change h/ (something on the foot or body)
aanzikonaye vai s/he changes h/ (own) clothes
aanzinaagozi vai s/he looks changed
aanzinaagwad vii it looks changed