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/-aanagidoon/ final

s/he talks
medial /-aanagidoon-/ oral cavity, mouth (/-aanag/ hole + /-doon-/ mouth); occurs with final /-e/ in N but not in S.
aabidaanagidoon vai [LL] [ML] s/he talks continually
bagamaanagidoon vai [S] s/he arrives talking
boonaanagidoon vai [S] s/he quits talking, stops talking
dadaatabaanagidoon vai [LL] [ML] s/he talks quickly making h/ self hard to understand
danaanagidoon vai [S] s/he talks in a certain place
gagiibaadaanagidoon vai [S] s/he talks crazy, talks nonsense
giimoodaanagidoon vai [C] s/he mumbles
maadaanagidoon vai [S] s/he starts off talking
onzaamaanagidoon vai [S] s/he talks too much, is mouthy