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/-aagwad/ final

it undergoes action
agadendaagwad vii it is shameful, is embarrassing
agaasendaagwad vii it is thought insignificant
apiitendaagwad vii it is valued so high, ranks so high, is so important, is worthy
aanawendaagwad vii it is found unsatisfactory, is disliked, is rejected
beshwendaagwad vii it is thought near
dabasendaagwad vii it is held in low regard
dibendaagwad vii
  1. it is controlled, is owned
  2. it belongs
gagwaanisagendaagwad vii it is thought terrible, is thought disgusting
gikendaagwad vii it is known (by someone), "they" know it
gwayakwendaagwad vii it is thought right
inendaagwad vii it is thought of a certain way, seems to be a certain way
mayagendaagwad vii it is thought strange
maamakaadendaagwad vii it is amazing, is astonishing, is a wonder
maanendaagwad vii it is thought bad, is thought poor, is thought disagreeable
mikwendaagwad vii it comes to mind, is recalled, is remembered
minwendaagwad vii it is likeable, is fun
nandawendaagwad vii it is suitable; it is desirable
naniizaanendaagwad vii it is thought dangerous
wawiyadendaagwad vii it is thought cute, thought funny (comical)
zhawendaagwad vii it is blessed, cared for, loved (by someone)
zegendaagwad vii it is frightening, scary, terrifying
zhiingendaagwad vii it is disliked, disapproved of, hated