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/-aagon-/ medial

snow (substance)
amwaagone vai s/he eats snow
anaamaagon adv loc under the snow
animaagone vai s/he goes away through the snow
aadaagone vai s/he is blocked by the snow
babaamaagone vai s/he goes around through the snow
bimaagone vai s/he goes along in the snow
biidaagone vai s/he comes through the snow
biidweweyaagone vai s/he is heard coming in the snow
inaagone vai s/he goes to a certain place through snow
madweyaagone vai s/he is heard going through the snow, "you" can hear h/ going through the snow
mookaagonaso vai s/he emerges from melting snow
mookaagonate vii it emerges from melting snow
moona'aagone vai s/he digs out the snow, scoops the snow off or out of something
ningaagonaso vai the snow is melting; the snow is melting off h/
ningwaagone vii it is covered with snow
ondaagone vai s/he comes from a certain place through the snow
ondweweyaagone vai s/he is heard coming from there in the snow
weba'aagone vai s/he removes snow, shovels snow
zaagaagone vai s/he sticks out from the snow
zaagaagone vii it sticks out from the snow