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/-aabow/ final

bakwezhiganaabo ni soup with flour or dumplings
baawitigwaabo ni [BL] water from the rapids
gichigamiiwaabo ni [BL] ocean water; water of a great lake
gimiwanaabo ni [BL] rain water
giziibiiga'iganaabo ni [BL] washwater; liquid soap
giizhikaandagaabo ni cedar bough medicine
ishkodewaabo ni [BL] alcohol (for drinking): liquor, spirits, whiskey
mashkikiwaabo ni [BL] a medicinal tea, liquid medicine
mashkiigobagwaabo ni [BL] swamp tea
mashkiigwaabo ni [BL] swamp water
mishiiminaabo ni [BL] apple juice, cider
ozhibii'iganaabo ni [BL] ink, paint
zhawiminaabo ni [BL] grape juice
zaaga'iganiiwaabo ni [BL] lake water
zhiiwaabo ni [BL] pop; a soft drink
zhiiwitaaganaabo ni salt water; brine