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/-aabide-/ medial

Contains medial -aabid- + post-medial -e-.
body part; post-medial
bakwadaabidebizh vta pull h/ tooth or teeth out
bakweyaabideshin vai s/he chips a tooth on something
baasaabideshin vai s/he cracks a tooth against something
bookwaabideganaam vta break h/ tooth or teeth by hitting with force
bookwaabidesidoon vti2 break teeth or blade it by dropping or hitting it against something
bookwaabideshin vai s/he falls and breaks a tooth or teeth, breaks his tooth or teeth on something
giziiyaabide'o vai s/he brushes h/ (own) teeth
madweyaabideshin vai h/ teeth chatter
madweyaabidewaji vai h/ teeth chatter from the cold
mazhiiyaabidebizh vta pull all of h/ teeth out
mazhiiyaabideganaam vta punch h/ teeth out
niiskaabideni vai s/he bares h/ teeth in a snarl
niiskaabidetaw vta bare teeth to h/
zhegwaabide'o vai s/he picks h/ teeth
zhegwaabideshin vai s/he gets something stuck in h/ teeth