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/-aabaawe/ final

it is immersed, flooded, saturated
banaskobagaabaawe vii rain opens up the buds to new leaves or flowers
binaabaawe vii it is pushed or dragged down by the rain or a flood
binaabaawe vai it (animate) is pushed or dragged down by the rain or a flood
biigwaabaawe vii it gets ruined in the water
biinaabaawe vii it is washed off clean
biitwaabaawe vii it is rinsed
dakakamigaabaawe vii the ground is cooled by the rain
dakaabaawe vii it cools off in water
dipaabaawe vii it is moist, is wet
gidiskaabaawe vii it comes apart from being wet
gozigwaabaawe vii it is wet and heavy, is heavy from being wet
ningaabaawe vii it dissolves
nookaabaawe vii it is or gets soft from being in water or the rain
ojibwaabaawe vai s/he or it (animate) puckers up in the water
ojiigaabaawe vii it (sheet-like) shrinks in the water
onzaamaabaawe vii it is too wet, is soaked
ozhaashakamigaabaawe vii the ground is slippery with water
zhaabwaabaawe vii it is soaked through, is saturated