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/-a'aN/ final

track or trail h/
a'an , a'azh
adima'azh vta catch up to h/ following h/ tracks or trail
anima'azh vta follow h/ trail away
babaama'azh vta track h/ about
babima'azh vta keep tracking h/ along, keep following h/ trail along
bima'azh vta track h/ along, follow h/ trail along
biida'azh vta follow h/ trail here
biindige'azh vta track h/ inside
gopa'azh vta follow h/ trail inland
ina'azh vta follow h/ trail to a certain place
maada'azh vta go off following h/ trail
mizha'azh vta arrive at, find h/ trail, h/ tracks
wana'azh vta lose h/ trail
wekwaa'azh vta follow h/ trail to the end