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onzikaa vii

it comes from a certain place, originates in a certain place; it leaks

onzikaa 0s ind; onzikaag 0s conj; wenzikaag 0s conj; Stem: /onzikaa-/

Onzikaa ninjiimaanish; onzaam gete-aya'iiwan.

My canoe leaks because it's too old.

Ningii'-agwaaba'iwemin minisaabikong; onzaam onzikaa jiimaan. Akawe ningii-pigiikaadaamin.

We had to get off in a hurry at the reef because our canoe was leaking. First thing, we patched it with pitch.

onzikaa /onzikaa-/: /ond-/
from a certain place, for a certain reason
; /-ikaa/
it moves, goes