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=niishkw- nad

STEM FOR: gland (lymph node)

There is no simple independent word for gland (lymph node). A personal prefix goes with the dependent noun stem /=niishkw-/ gland (lymph node) to make a full word:
  • niniishk my gland (lymph node) (1s-3s)
  • giniishk your gland (lymph node) (2s-3s)
  • oniishkwan h/ gland (lymph node)
    • [MN] oniishkwan h/ gland (lymph node)/glands (lymph nodes) (3s-3')
    • [BL] oniishkwan h/ gland (lymph node) (3s-3's)
    • [BL] oniishkwa’ h/ glands (lymph nodes) (3s-3'p)

Stem: /=niishkw-/