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izhi-ayaa vai

s/he is a certain way

indizhi-ayaa 1s ind; nindizhi-ayaa 1s ind; nidizhi-ayaa 1s ind; izhi-ayaa 3s ind; izhi-ayaad 3s conj; ezhi-ayaad 3s ch-conj; Stem: /izhi-ayaa-/

Aaniish ezhi-ayaayin.

How are you?

Gego gegoo inaaken a'awe. Mii go onjida ezhi-ayaad maanitang.

Don't say anything to him. That's just his nature that he can't get anything right that he's told.

izhi-ayaa /izhi-ayaa-/: izhi- pv rel ; /ayaa-/ stem of ayaa vai ;