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inigini vai

s/he is a certain size, is so big

Paired with: inigokwaa vii

indinigin 1s ind; nindinigin 1s ind; nidinigin 1s ind; inigini 3s imp prohib; iniginid 3s conj; eniginid 3s ch-conj; Stem: /inigini-/

Oo waa. Baabige naa eniginid wa'aw. Noomaya naa babaamoodeban.

Oh wah. This one is already so big. Not too long ago she was just crawling around.

Gichi-michiigizi awe bashkwegin. Amanj igo naa apideg gaa-iniginigwen awe ayaabe.

The buckskin is really large. I wonder just how big that buck must have been.