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gwiinawi-doodam vai2

s/he doesn't know what to do or think, is dumbfounded

ingwiinawi-doodam 1s ind; ningwiinawi-doodam 1s ind; nigwiinawi-doodam 1s ind; gwiinawi-doodam 3s ind; gwiinawi-doodang 3s conj; gwaanawi-doodang 3s ch-conj; Stem: /gwiinawi-dood+am-/

Gii-kwiinawi-doodam aana-wii-wiidookaazod omaa o-bagijigewind.

He didn't know what to do when he wanted to help out with the offerings.

gwiinawi-doodam /gwiinawi-dood+am-/: gwiinawi- pv lex ; /dood+am-/ stem of doodam vai2 ;