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gwiinawaabam vta

fail to see h/, be unable to see h/

Paired with: gwiinawaabandan vti

ingwiinawaabamaa 1s - 3s ind; ningwiinawaabamaa 1s - 3s ind; nigwiinawaabamaa 1s - 3s ind; ogwiinawaabamaan 3s - 3' ind; gwiinawaabamaad 3s - 3' conj; gwaanawaabamaad 3s - 3' ch-conj; gwiinawaabam 2s - 3 imp; Stem: /gwiinawaabam-/

Ogwiinawaabamaan aana-wii-anoonaad ji-nibinaadinid.

He couldn't see him when he wanted him to go after water.

gwiinawaabam /gwiinawaabam-/: /gwiinaw-/
lacking knowledge
; /-aabam/
look at h/