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bwaawaakide vii

it doesn't burn, is unable to burn

Paired with: bwaawaakizo vai

bwaawaakide 0s ind; bwaawaakideg 0s conj; bwayaawaakideg 0s ch-conj; bwaawaakidemagad 0s aug ind; Stem: /bwaawaakide-/

Bwaawaakidewan misan. Ganabaj onzaam ashkibiigisagadoon.

The firewood can't burn. Maybe it's too waterlogged.

bwaawaakide /bwaawaakide-/: /bwaaw-/
unable, fail
; /-aak-/
; /-ide/
it is heated; is affected by fire, the sun, or the moon