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bookwaabikiboodoon vti2

break it (mineral.metal) by filing or sawing

nimbookwaabikiboodoon 1s - 0s ind; obookwaabikiboodoon 3s - 0s ind; bookwaabikiboodood 3s - 0 conj; bookwaabikiboodoon 2s - 0 imp; Stem: /bookwaabikibood-/

Bookwaabikiboodoon zaga'igan giishpin onzaam ginwaabikak.

File the nail in half if it is too long.

bookwaabikiboodoon /bookwaabikibood-/: /bookw-/
broken, broken in two (esp. of stick-like objects)
; /-aabik-/
mineral (inorganic solid: rock, metal, glass)
; /-bood/
act on it by sawing, abrading