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apiichibatoo vai

s/he runs at a certain speed

indapiichibatoo 1s ind; nindapiichibatoo 1s ind; nidapiichibatoo 1s ind; apiichibatoo 3s ind; apiichibatood 3s conj; epiichibatood 3s ch-conj; Stem: /apiichibatoo-/

Ogagweji'aan epiichibatoonid.

She is testing him to see how fast he can run.

Odibi'aa' epiichibatoonid.

He keeps his pace with them as they run.

apiichibatoo /apiichibatoo-/: /apiit-/
to a certain extent, degree, rate, or speed
; /-batoo/
s/he runs, moves fast