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agwaayaashi vai es

s/he is blown ashore (by the wind); sails ashore

Paired with: agwaayaasin vii

indagwaayaash 1s ind; nindagwaayaash 1s ind; nidagwaayaash 1s ind; agwaayaashi 3s ind; agwaayaashid 3s conj; egwaayaashid 3s ch-conj; Stem: /agwaayaashi-/

agwaayaashi 3s ind es

agwaayaashid3s conj es

egwaayaashid3s ch-conj es

agwaayaashi /agwaayaashi-/: /agwaa-/
off or out of water or open area
; /-aashi/
s/he is blown by the wind or moving air; s/he flies, soars, sails