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/zeg-/ initial

zegaabam vta have a frightening dream, a scary dream about h/
zegaabandam vai2 s/he has a frightening dream, a scary dream
zegaabandan vti have a frightening dream, a scary dream about it
zegaanakwad vii there are storm clouds, threatening clouds
zegaanimad vii it is a fierce wind, a threatening wind
zegendam vai2 s/he feels scared, feels fearful
zegendan vti think it scary
zegendaagod vii [RL] it is frightening, scary, terrifying
zegi' vta scare, frighten h/
zegim vta scare, frighten, intimidate, alarm h/ (verbally)
zeginaagozi vai s/he looks scary, looks frightening; s/he looks scared, looks frightened
zeginaagwad vii it looks scary, looks frightening
zegingwashi vai s/he has a nightmare
zeginikeshin vai s/he sprains h/ arm
zegise vai s/he a sudden feeling of fear, is scared suddenly
zegitan vti hear it (something scary)
zegitaw vta hear h/ (someone scary)
zegitaagozi vai s/he sounds scary, sounds frightening
zegitaagwad vii it sounds scary, sounds frightening
zegitoon vti2 scare, frighten it
zegizi vai s/he is afraid, frightened, scared