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/zagak-/ initial

tidy, orderly
zagakashkina' vta pack h/ away neatly
zagakim vta tell h/ to settle down
zagakin vta put h/ away; tidy h/
zagakinan vti put it away; tidy it
zagakinaagane vai s/he gathers up and put away the dishes
zagakisidoon vti2 put it in order, put it away
zagakishim vta put h/ in order; put h/ away
zagakii vai s/he settles down, settles down for the night, goes to bed
zagakiigin vta fold and put it (animate; sheet-like) away
zagakiiginan vti fold and put it (sheet-like) away
zagaakwii vai s/he clings, holds on (to something stick-like: a handle, a railing)