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/ozhaawishkw-/ initial

blue, green
The form /ozhaawishkw-/ is used by some Border Lakes speakers; the form /ozhaawashkw-/ is used by others and elsewhere.
ozhaawishkogwane vai [BL] s/he (a bird) has blue feathers; s/he (a bird) has green feathers
ozhaawishkojiisag ni [NI] foxfire; (a piece of) rotten wood that glows at night
ozhaawishkominagad vii [NI] it (something small and round; grain/rice) is blue or green
ozhaawishkozi vai [NI] s/he or it (animate) is blue, is green
ozhaawishkwakone vii [NI] it is blue or green flame
ozhaawishkwaa vii [NI] it is blue, is green
ozhaawishkwaabiigad vii [NI] it (string-like) is blue or green
ozhaawishkwaabiigizi vai [NI] it (animate; string-like) is blue or green
ozhaawishkwaagamishkiinzhigwe vai [NI] s/he is blue-eyed
ozhaawishkwaakozi vai [NI] it (animate; stick-like) is blue or green
ozhaawishkwaakwad vii [NI] it (stick-like) is blue or green
ozhaawishkwaate vii [NI]
ozhaawishkwegad vii [NI] it (sheet-like) is blue, is green
ozhaawishkwegizi vai [NI] it (animate; sheet-like) is blue, is green