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/ogid-/ initial

on top of
ogij,wagid , ogid
ogidajiw adv loc on top of a mountain
ogidakamig adv loc on top of the ground
ogidaabik adv loc on top of something mineral (e.g., metal, glass, rock)
ogidaagonag adv loc on top of the snow
ogidaajiwan adv loc upstream
ogidaakiiwe vai s/he goes uphill, climbs up to the top
ogidaakiiwebatoo vai s/he runs uphill
ogidaakiiwebizo vai s/he drives uphill
ogidaakiiwedaabii vai s/he goes uphill pulling a load
ogidaakiiwekamigaa vii it (the ground) slopes upwards
ogidaakiiwemon vii [RL] it (a road or trail) leads uphill
ogidaakiiwenige vai s/he carries something uphill on h/ shoulders
ogidaakiiwewidoon vti2 carry, take it uphill
ogidaakiiwewizh vta carry, take h/ uphill
ogidaandag on top of a bough
ogidaatig adv loc on top of a log, piece of wood, stick, or tree
ogidibiig adv loc on top of the water
ogidigamig adv loc on top of the house; upstairs
ogidoonag adv loc on top of a canoe or boat
ogiji- pv lex on top, on top of
ogijidaabaan adv loc on top of a vehicle (car, truck, wagon)