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/-nizha'w/ final

send h/
aazhawinizha' vta send h/across
babaaminizha' vta chase h/ about
bakobiinizha' vta drive, chase h/ into the water
biminizha' vta follow h/ along
biindigenizha' vta send h/ inside
gabaanizha' vta tell h/ to get off a vehicle or boat
gawishimonizha' vta send h/ to bed
giiwenizha' vta send h/ home
izhinizha' vta chase h/ to a certain place; send h/ to a certain place
maajinizha' vta send h/ off; start off in pursuit of h/
maajiinizha' vta chase h/ off, chase h/ away
naajinizha' vta go after h/; send for h/; order h/