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/ningodwaasw-/ initial

ningodwaaso- pv qnt six
ningodwaasogon qnt num six days
ningodwaasogonagad vii it is six days
ningodwaasogonagizi vai s/he is six days old
ningodwaasoninj qnt num six inches
ningodwaasosagoons qnt num six thousand
ningodwaasozid qnt num six feet
ningodwaasoobiwag vai six of them (animate) sit together; six of them are at home
ningodwaasoogaabawiwag vai six of them stand together
ningodwaasookik qnt num six pails
ningodwaasoonag qnt num six boats or canoes, six boatloads
ningodwaasoopidewan vii six of them (inanimate) are tied together
ningodwaasoopidoon vti2 tie six of them (inanimate) together
ningodwaasoopizowag vai six of them (animate) are tied together, are hitched together
ningodwaasooshkimod qnt num six bags
ningodwaasooshkin qnt num six bags
ningodwaaswaginzo vai [BL] it is the sixth (of the month)
ningodwaaswaabik qnt num six dollars
ningodwaaswaak qnt num six hundred
ningodwaaswewaan qnt num six sets; six pairs
ningodwaaswi qnt num six