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/-nikaazo/ final

anishinaabewinikaazo vai s/he is called in Indian (Ojibwe); s/he has a spirit name
apinikaazon vai + o be named after it or h/
aanjinikaazo vai h/ name is changed
ishkwaajinikaazo vai s/he has a last name
ishkwenikaazo vai s/he has a last name
izhinikaazo vai s/he is named a certain way, has such a name; s/he is called by such a name
maazhinikaazo vai s/he has an ugly name
minonikaazo vai s/he has a nice name
nitaminikaazo vai s/he has a first name
ojibwewinikaazo vai s/he is named in Ojibwe
zhaaganaashiiwinikaazo vai [BL] s/he has an English name, is called in English