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/mookw-/ initial

cry, weep
mookobizh vta make h/ cry by grabbing or holding
mookobii vai s/he cries while being drunk
mookoganaam vta make h/ cry by hitting
mookogidaazo vai s/he cries from anger
mookone vai s/he cries, moans from pain
mookoshin vai s/he cries from falling down or hitting something
mookozideshin vai s/he stubs h/ toe and cries
mookwaji vai s/he cries from being cold
mookwanaandam vai2 s/he cries from being hungry
mookwaabaawe vai s/he cries from being drenched
mookwaajimo vai s/he cries telling a story or telling the news
mookwaakizo vai s/he cries from being burned
mookwaanimizi vai s/he cries from fear
mookwaapi vai [BL] s/he laughs so hard tears come to h/ eyes