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/-maaso/ final

s/he is heated producing an aroma
-maa smell, -so by heat
aakomaaso vai s/he stinks, smells acrid cooking or burning
biijimaaso vai s/he gives off a smell in cooking or burning
gagwaanisagimaaso vai s/he smells terrible cooking or burning
izhimaaso vai s/he smells a certain way cooking or burning
jiikimaaso vai [GP] s/he smells pleasant cooking or burning
mashkawimaaso vai s/he has a strong aroma, smells strong burning or cooking
maazhimaaso vai s/he has a bad aroma, smells bad burning or cooking
minomaaso vai s/he smells good burning or cooking
nisidomaaso vai it (animate) is recognized, recognizable by h/ cooking or burning smell
wiisagimaaso vai it (animate) has a bitter aroma, smells bitter burning or cooking
zhaagomaaso vai it (animate) smells mild (burning or cooking), has a mild aroma