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/-k/ final

act on it by foot or body
aaboozikan vti put it on inside out, wear it inside out
aanzikan vti change it (something on the foot or body)
aazikan vti get there before it, beat it there
baasikan vti crack, shatter it (with foot or body)
bezhigookan vti work on something alone
bisikan vti hit it in an accident; bump it
bizikan vti bump, accidentally run into or over it
bizokan vti stumble, trip on it
biimaskokan vti twist it, turn it around (with foot or body)
biizikan vti wear it, have it on (the body), put in on (the body)
gagwezikan vti
  1. test it (with foot or body)
  2. try it on
gaanzikan vti push, nudge it (with foot or body)
giimikan vti sneak up on or into it
giizikan vti take it (something worn) off
gozikan vti
  1. test it (with foot or body)
  2. try it on
maajiikan vti start working on it
minokan vti fit it well
napaazikan vti wear it the wrong way; put it on the wrong way
naazikan vti go to, approach it
zhizhookam vai2 s/he steps on a turd
ziinzikan vti fit it tight