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/-jiishkiwag-/ medial

mud, mud-like (e.g., dough, clay)
Contains medial -jiishkiw- + post-medial -ag-.
apiichijiishkiwagad vii it (mud) is of such a thickness, is so thick
apiichijiishkiwagizi vai it (animate: dough) is of such a thickness, is so thick
ashkijiishkiwagizi vai h/ (bread, bannock) is doughy
bazagojiishkiwagaa vii there is sticky mud; it is muddy with sticky mud
bengojiishkiwagad vii it (something mud-like) is dry
bengojiishkiwagaa vii there is dry mud
bengojiishkiwagizi vai it (animate; mud-like) is dry
biindigejiishkiwagishkige vai s/he tracks mud inside
gipagijiishkiwagad vii it is thick as mud
giizhijiishkiwagin vta finish shaping h/ (something mud-like)
makadewijiishkiwagad vii it is black mud
mashkawijiishkiwagad vii it (something mud-like) is hard
mashkawijiishkiwagizi vai it (animate; mud-like, e.g., dough) is hard
mazinijiishkiwaga'wi vta make an image in it (animate; mud-like) (using something)
mazinijiishkiwagin vta mold image of h/ with clay
mazinijiishkiwaginan vti mold image of it with clay
megwejiishkiwag adv loc in the mud
nookijiishkiwagad vii it is soft mud, is soft as mud
nookijiishkiwagaa vii there is soft mud
nookijiishkiwagizi vii it (animate) is soft as mud
oshkijiishkiwagad vii it is or has fresh mud
oshkijiishkiwaginan vti put fresh mud on it
ozhaashijiishkiwagad vii it is slippery mud
ozhaashijiishkiwagaa vii there is slippery mud
ozaawijiishkiwagad vii it is yellow mud, is brown mud
ozhijiishkiwagin vta form it (animate; something mud-like such as dough or clay) into shape
wiinijiishkiwagaa vii there is patch of dirty mud
wiinijiishkiwagizi vai s/he is muddy, dirty with mud