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/ishkwe-/ initial

at the end, last
ishkwebi vai s/he sits at the end
ishkwedaabii'iwe vai s/he drives in last place
ishkwegamaa vii it is the last lake
ishkwegaabawi vai s/he stands at the end
ishkwege vai s/he lives at the end of town, lives in the last house
ishkwegoode vii it hangs at the end
ishkwegoodoon vti2 hang it at the end
ishkwegoojin vai s/he hangs at the end
ishkwegoozh vta hang h/ at the end
ishkwekana adv loc at the end of the road or trail
ishkwenikaazo vai s/he has a last name
ishkweninj ni a little finger
ishkwesidoon vti2 put it at the end, in last place
ishkwesin vii it lies at the end
ishkweshim vta put h/ at the end, in last place
ishkweshimo vai s/he dances at the end
ishkweshin vai s/he lies at the end