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/ingodwaasw-/ initial

ingodwaasogon adv num six days
ingodwaasogonagad vii it is six days
ingodwaasogonagizi vai s/he is the sixth day of the month; s/he is six days old
ingodwaasoninj adv num six inches
ingodwaasosagoons adv num six thousand
ingodwaasozid adv num six feet
ingodwaasoogaabawiwag vai six of them stand together
ingodwaasookik adv num six pails, six pailfuls
ingodwaasoonag adv num six boats or canoes, six boatloads
ingodwaasooshkimod adv num six bags
ingodwaasooshkin adv num six bags
ingodwaaswaabik adv num six dollars
ingodwaasweg adv num six pieces of something sheet-like
ingodwaaswewaan adv num six sets; six pairs
ingodwaaswi adv num six
ningodwaasweg adv num six pieces of something sheet-like