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/-ing/ final

agaamakiing adv loc overseas, in Europe
agaaming adv loc on the other side of a body of water (a lake, a river), across a body of water (a lake, a river)
anaamidaabaaning adv loc under the car
anaamisagong adv loc under the floor, in the basement
dasing adv tmp a certain number of times; so many times
ingoding adv tmp sometime; at one time
ingodwaaching adv tmp six times
ishwaaching adv tmp eight times
jiigaakwaang adv loc by, near the woods
ningoding adv tmp sometime; at one time
ningodwaaching adv tmp six times
nising adv tmp three times; thrice
nishwaaching adv tmp eight times
niiwing adv tmp four times
wanakong adv loc on the tip; on the treetop