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/-iiwag-/ medial

flesh, meat, muscle
ashkiiwagad vii it is raw as meat
ashkiiwagizi vai s/he, it (animate) is raw as meat
banaskwiiwagitaa vai s/he stretches h/ muscles, exercises
dakiiwagad vii it is cold meat
dakiiwagisin vii it (meat) cools off
gaagiijiiwagizi vai s/he has sore muscles
nooka'iiwagwe vai s/he pounds meat, makes pemmican
nookiiwagad vii it is tender meat, has tender meat
nookiiwagizi vai it (animate) has soft or tender meat
waabishkiiwe vai s/he is pale-complexioned; s/he is a white person
zoongiiwagad vii it is tough meat