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/-idaabaan-/ medial

vehicle, car
anaamidaabaan adv loc under the car
anaamidaabaaning adv loc under the car
aanjidaabaane vai s/he changes cars, trades in a car
biigodaabaane vai s/he has a broken-down car
gigidaabaane vai s/he has h/ car with h/
gimoojidaabaane vai s/he steals a car or cars
giziibiigidaabaane vai s/he washes a car or vehicle
minodaabaane vai s/he has a nice car
nanaa'idaabaane vai s/he repairs a car
nanaa'idaabaanike vai s/he fixes cars
naajidaabaane vai s/he goes after a car or cars
oshkidaabaane vai s/he has, gets a new car