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/gwanab-/ initial

go over, tip
gwanabaaboode vii it capsizes in the current
gwanabaaboozo vai s/he capsizes in the current
gwanabaasin vii it capsizes, tips over in the wind
gwanabaashi vai s/he or it (animate) capsizes, tips over in the wind
gwanabibizo vai s/he tips over driving
gwanabinan vti tilt it, turn it over (spilling out the contents)
gwanabinaagane vai s/he upsets h/ dish or plate
gwanabise vai s/he tips, capsizes
gwanabise vii it tips, capsize
gwanabishkan vti tip it (with foot or body)
gwanabishkaa vai s/he capsizes, tips over
gwanabishkaa vii it capsizes, tips over
gwanabitaa vai s/he turns over
gwanabiwebaashi vai s/he tips, capsizes in the wind